Shuttlecraft Planetary Effects


I wrote my concerns regarding the planetary effects of the Space Shuttle launches to my congressman, the Honorable C. W. Bill Young, House of Representatives, Washington D.C.  20515, who sent it to NASA.  The assistant administrator, Brian E. Chase, replied "There is no scientific evidence to suggest that rocket launches are having a harmful impact on the earth's environment.  See NASA's Letter.
So I called the U.S.G.S.  Cascade Volcano Observatory and the U.S.G.S National Earthquake Observatory and they both said the same thing. No funding, no study.  NASA controls funding to both Vulcanology and Seismology.  No funding, no study, NASA keeps launching unaware of their planetary effects.  
The volcano lady, Carolyn Driedger did ask "Before Nukes and Rockets caused volcanoes, what caused volcanoes?"   The answer is "Pressure". Any kind of pressure.  Sound, wind, tonnage, waves on the shore, natural occurrences,   (Nature took longer). 
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